YOU Group
of Companies

Youth, Ornament, Unity.

Formed in 2008, YOU Group (Youth, Ornament, Unity) is your one-stop media center. The group sprung to life as a CSR project due to the overwhelming success of C.L. Group.

YOU Group, which found its passion in making films, has to date contributed to the society through various ways including making various educational documentaries to create public awareness, and setting up its very own film and art academy to aid budding entrepreneurs.

The group also established a security company to raise the public safety.


YOU Film &
Art Academy
Sdn Bhd

"Action!" is one of the common words that you will hear in YOU Film & Art Academy Sdn Bhd.

Established on 6th October 2009, the company is a movie/film academy which endorses graduates with government-certified graduation certificates that are directly approved by the Ministry of Education Malaysia.

A few of the many Certificate and Diploma courses that it offers include Film-making, Performing Arts, Multimedia, TV Broadcasting, Film Production and Photography.

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YOU Channel
Network Sdn Bhd

With its forte being movies and documentaries, YOU Channel Network Sdn Bhd is a production house set up on 19th August 2010.

It supplies many interesting documentaries which highlights the government’s effort to help the nation.

A few of the many titles that it has supplied are My Hometown, My Pride, My Dream, Passionate Youth and Hebat Elegant to Radio Television Malaysia (TV2), and plans to get its very own channel on the station’s premium TV channels in the near future.

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Sdn Bhd

Dealing with movie props and blocking off a certain area for a movie scene can sometimes be a daunting task if a person does not know who to turn to.

This is not an issue for YOU Security Sdn Bhd as they provide private bodyguard services and transportation for important personnel and their crew, supply hard-to-get props such as firearms and explosives, and get permission from the authorities to block off a certain area.

Always thinking about future goals, the company currently plans to brand itself as Malaysia’s professional movie and security company.

It aims to provide public safety to citizens while also acting as a one-stop-movie-centre to accommodate the needs of stars, artists and VIPs alike who have realised the beauty of Malaysia.

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Arms (RNU)
Sdn Bhd

One of the YOU Group affiliate, supplier of YOU Security. SAC Arms are a licensed firearms and ammunition company operating in Setia Alam.

With wide range and variety of accessories, SAC Arms are the one-stop firearms product and services to the needs of security services.

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